First experience with PeerJ

I have been mentioning PeerJ in a couple of posts lately. It is a new journal with an interesting concept, so we wanted to try it out. In the beginning of March we submitted a paper where we describe how climate have influenced national cattle holdings in Africa the past 40 years or so. This is our experience with the journal. After a few hours, an editor had been assigned, and after 19 days, two reviewers had read and commented the paper. The comments were written in a nice language, and the tone of editor, Jianhua Xu, was very pleasant as well. We responded to the reviewers’ comments, and one day later the paper was accepted. In my opinion, this is the speed journals should have. No delays because the manuscript is laying on a desk somewhere in the world. About six hours after acceptance, I was contacted by the Department of Publishing Operations, requesting some information, allowing us to do final corrections. If PeerJ manages to keep this speed, yet another reason to consider this newcomer.